Has the Standard for Leadership Slipped?

In the news we often are told that our political and business leaders are lying to us, stealing from us or simply ignoring the basic human values which are important for maintaining human society.  This in turn, has created a feeling that 'leaders' are not to be trusted as they can abuse power and become ego-maniacs.  

In Australia, it seems we have a love-hate relationship with leaders: we expect them to fix our problems but are quick to blame them when they don't or when they step out of line.  How can we develop more caring, ethical and civic-minded leaders in all spheres of society while becoming more forgiving of leader's faults?

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Stress in the Workplace

I recently visited my website manager's office and the owner, Nicky Jurd, told me that they have a puppy at the workplace as a means to reducing daily stress.  I loved the idea as I worked once at a retail shop where we had a cat and some fish (weird combination?) and we all used to pet and talk to the cat, especially if we'd just had a cranky customer!

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