Stress in the Workplace

I recently visited my website manager's office and the owner, Nicky Jurd, told me that they have a puppy at the workplace as a means to reducing daily stress.  I loved the idea as I worked once at a retail shop where we had a cat and some fish (weird combination?) and we all used to pet and talk to the cat, especially if we'd just had a cranky customer!

Here's a few more ideas to help reduce stress in the workplace:

1) If you can't get a pet, then see if you can set up a nice outdoor area with plants, tables and chairs.  Being outside during breaks can help us feel more energised.

2) Set aside a private space (even if just a part of a large closet!) with a small coach or bed where people can rest for a short period.  Having short naps is really effective at raising energy levels!

3) Give people more flexibility with their time.  Let them schedule their own work hours within the constraints of your workplace.  People are happier if they have some autonomy.

Ask your staff members what they would recommend as they know what would work for them.