Why Being Authentic at Work Isn't Easy

I coach individuals about their careers and often in discussing their present jobs almost everyone feels that they can't be authentic at work.  Why is being authenthic not encouraged in most workplaces?

My observation of many organisations is that they are quite patriarchical in nature, which means that there is a clear hierarchy of power (which can be either gender).  The power structure is often top down with the orders coming from the top and the expectation that everyone else is there to follow.  Military and church institutions are examples of patriarchies, and many organisations still have this as their dominant culture.  What does this have to do with authenticity?  Well, being authentic would mean that you might disagree with the hierarchy.  I've personally experienced how having a disagreement with those in power can be detrimental to your job. Therefore, until the leaders of organisations actually examine their existing culture and then make a committment to improve, then authenticity is likely to be a difficult proposition for many.