Finding a Great Boss Using the C Factor

How many jobs have you had where you left because of the boss or co-workers?  Studies have indicated that people take a job because the position sounds interesting, but leave because of the boss.  Is this because there are so few people who make good people managers or is there another factor which may be causing you to feel uncomfortable with your boss or co-workers?

It is true that many individuals seem to find their manager's style lackluster or worse.  The fact that people may get promoted into management positions without adequate training is unfortunately a common occurence.  If we ask 'why don't people get adequate training or why don't those with improved people skills get promoted?' then we are really talking about organisational culture.  This is the critical 'C factor' which is invisible yet influences which people are promoted and if there is adequate training or not.  Culture is about 'how things are done around here'.  Some organisations place a strong emphasis on ensuring that managers and leaders have not only the technical skills, but also have fantastic people skills - these are the best places to work.  However, you also need to consider if the overall culture matches your values because this will impact on how comfortable you feel with your co-workers as well as the boss.