Mindfulness Is Changing Corporate Boardrooms

I've been meditating for over 17 years and over that time I've seen the term 'mindfulness' move from 'fringe-dweller' to mainstream in business. Mindfulness is simply being able to focus your mind/body, through daily meditation training, to remain in awareness of the present moment without becoming overtaken by thoughts, emotions or external events.  Why is this skill so appropriate and necessary for today's corporate world?

Let's be honest.  Corporate business doesn't have the best reputation in terms of honesty, compassion and interest beyond the bottom line.  However, that is quickly changing due to a 'mindfullness revolution' of a new brand of CEOs and people like you and me that are willing to 'be the change we want to see.'  To be the change means we need to develop a new type of awareness that comes from the heart and not the intellect. The most effective way to transform ourselves is to practice daily mindfullness.  This approach has become a tested (through scientific research) means by which we can become more self-aware, and develop enhanced levels of self-mastery and compassion.  This can only be good for us and good for our business.