The Main Reason Why Organisational Change Doesn’t Change Anything

I have to admit that I have a pet peeve about Organisational Change. First, the term seems hollow in meaning - that is, who simply wants to make a change for no reason? Unfortunately, that seems to be the outcome for many Organisational Change Initiatives due to one main reason that is often overlooked.

Change processes usually occur when consultants are brought in to diagnose and fix any cultural or structural issues that might be impacting on poor performance. Unfortunately, most consultants do not focus on the key factor that must be addressed before any change initiative can be successful. That factor is leadership. The leaders must be willing to personally change because leadership habits generally create a particular culture and those habits must change before the culture itself can change. Therefore leaders must undergo a personal transformation before there can be a cultural transformation. So this is why I prefer the term 'cultural transformation' which the Barrett Values Centres uses rather than 'cultural change.'