What Do You Do When Everything Seems To Go ‘Wrong’?

You may be having a bad week, month or even year and wonder why is this happening? Perhaps your business isn't moving in the direction you'd hoped or your job is feeling like it's dragging you down. What can you do to maintain a positive view of your situation so that the next action helps rather than hinders your path?

In Buddhist texts, there is a simple, but powerful set of 'Seven Mind Trainings' that may help us answer this question. Often we become preoccupied with our own problems and feel that we can't resolve them adequately. The training 'Transformation of Bad Circumstances into the Path of Enlightenment' is focused on getting us to see that whatever is happening in our life is useful for us and that we actually do have the capacity to deal with it. That doesn't mean that we don't find it challenging - it simply means that we need to see the situation more generously – with an open heart and mind rather than a fearful and closed one. We can change the situation when we begin to see it from a new vantage point, which alters our understanding and allows us to act from inspiration rather than frustration.