Big Shift Coaching

Are you ready to make a big shift to your next level of success?


My coaching clients have enhanced their success by:


  • Receiving significant income for their service

  • Manifesting enhanced creativity in an existing role

  • Stepping into immediate opportunities for career or business expansion

  • Releasing cycles of emotional 'overwhelm' due to pleasing others

  • Allowing personal vulnerability with their team to increase trust

  • Dealing effectively with difficult people 

  • Enhancing their intuitive ability to make clear decisions 

  • Releasing perfectionism 

  • Feeling confident speaking to a public audience


The 'Big Shift' Coaching Program is for those individuals, business owners and leaders who are ready to:

Step up and try new actions to create the bridge to your success

Engage your big vision with enhanced clarity

Speak with your authentic voice to connect more fully with your clients and team

Powerfully align your mindset and beliefs with your vision

In addition to identifying what is holding you back, we will clarify what you are moving towards (your vision), the key beliefs that will create ease and momentum and the critical steps to take every day towards your vision.

And here's the amazing part of the Coaching program: if you are not fully satisfied with your insights and progress by the mid-point of the program, then you will receive a 100% refund of the remaining sessions!

 Testimonials from Clients 

"I wanted to work on clearing any blocks that I had with my business being successful and going to the next level. In two sessions of Psych-K we were able to determine the specific issues and beliefs that were holding me back and to delete the old beliefs and replace them with beliefs that supported my success in business.  I am very pleased to say that within two weeks I noticed a difference and there is now expansion and areas opening up that were previously not visible. Thanks Elaine you have made a world of difference."  

- Barbara Callan, Intuitive Consultant 

"Having attended a "Women in Leadership" course I was so impressed with how insightful Elaine is in so many areas I engaged her to work with our Senior Management team in a group setting. I also approached Elaine about some professional mentoring and coaching for me personally which I found to be invaluable in refocussing my passion for my work and helping me to set some defined career direction into the future. I would certainly recommend Elaine as not only an interesting and engaging presenter, but intelligent and intuitive coach."

- Anita Veivers, CEO, ARC Disability Services, Inc.

"The greatest challenge you provided me was to stop giving air time to tricky people in my work life and accept them as they are and not to personalise their behaviours. That really helped me in the moment – made sense and I realised I wanted to save my mojo for the important issues and my personal life! I think also that I was able to get more comfortable with saying it as it is whilst being respectful – being more authentic in my dealings with people."  

- Karen Fitzpatrick, Manager, Queensland Health

"Elaine encouraged me to use my empowerment to develop positive and successful strategies be a more effective leader within myself and with my team. Implementing these strategies and reviewing them on a regular basis has led to a more positive and proactive working environment. I would recommend Dr Elaine K Harding to not just professional persons but anyone who wants to utilise ... the power within themselves."

- Jan Derks, Manager, ARC Disability Services Inc.

"I found Elaine very professional and extremely easy to work with.  She listened to me and my ideas and helped bring them together in a way which gave me clarity on my vision and a clear, strategic plan to follow in order to expand my business.  I highly recommend her."

- Sue-Ellen Connors, Small Business Owner

The Big Shift coaching program consists of six 1-hour sessions with Elaine, in-person or through Skype, Zoom or phone, at a time convenient for you.

If you'd like to explore with Elaine how to make your own shift happen, then schedule a 30-minute 'Discover Your Big Shift' no-cost session with her here.