Organisational Reviews

Our approach to 'uncovering the hidden potential' in an organisation, department or program, is through a structured investigation using the approaches of Appreciative Inquiry workshops, and/or using quantitative and qualitative questionnaires.  We believe that the staff and stakeholders contain the wisdom to uncover the potential that is already there - and that our role is to allow this wisdom to be revealed and acted upon.

Below are examples of projects undertaken by Thrivability Consulting.

Project: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Impact of ACF in the Cape York Tenure Resolution Program

Client: Australian Conservation Foundation, Northern Australia Program, Cairns, QLD

Aims: To assess the key environmental and cultural outcomes from the CYTRP and to determine which ACF actions directly and indirectly contributed to these outcomes. To also provide recommendations for the future of the program.


"Dr Harding's evaluation and report was executed with professional integrity and great efficiency. Consistent with the project brief, Dr Harding developed an effective methodology and approach and the reporting format was both concise and clear. As client's, our objectives were met through the identification of required findings and specific recommendations.

The final report has informed our strategic planning, identified our points of influence and intervention with external parties. From the findings we are clearer on our role and impact in advocacy for defined purposes and causes. The report has also served to satisfy external funders as to the effectiveness and value of community based non-government organisations and the direct and tangible impacts of our advocacy."

Andrew Picone, ACF NAP Officer (former Acting Manager)


Project: Organisational Review and Future Directions Analysis

Client: As a subcontractor to The 20/20 Group for the Congress Community Development Education Unit, Townsville, QLD

Aims: To assess the current organisational viability of a unit of the CCDEU in relation to the development of young Indigenous people in their care. A key component of our work was to identify the organisation's key values and to create alternative visions, with the full participation of staff and stakeholders, by building on existing strengths and current opportunities.