Strategic Vision & Plan

Every business can succeed, but some want to achieve even more.

As a conscious business leader or owner, you are aiming for success that provides value to not just your employees and stakeholders, but also to society at large.

You realise that to achieve long-term prosperity means to clarify your higher purpose first and then align every process, product and action with that vision.

An inspiring business person who started a small venture in the 1940s that is now a world-wide brand once said:

"I think many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists simply to make money. While this is an important result of a company's existence, we have to go deeper and find the real reasons for our being."

– David Packard, (co-founder of Hewlett-Packard)


Creating a Strategic Vision and Plan for your business is the most critical factor in:

• Maintaining personal motivation for yourself and your employees on a daily basis.

• Creating a dynamic brand and strong value in your products and services.

• Developing 'relationship marketing' with your customers.

• Knowing when to change direction or begin new lines of products.

• Balancing clarity with flexibility in a 'roadmap to success' that lays the foundations and steps to achieving your Vision.

A Strategic Business Vision answers five key questions:

• What is our unique contribution to society?

• How will we provide this service?

• What is our vision for developing as an organisation?

• How will we grow to become our aspiration?

• What values must we live by to achieve this?

We believe that when you can clearly articulate each answer, then your business can strongly focus your energy and resources to create products and/or services that grow value for everyone, including the broader society and the planet.

A Strategic Plan or 'Roadmap' then lays the foundation and direction by:

• Developing a Simple Business Model (we prefer the graphical Business Canvas)

• Charting a Visual Plan (using a flow chart approach for annual planning)

We develop your Strategic Vision and Plan through direct engagement with the leaders and staff of your organisation. This is not simply a marketing exercise, but rather a clearly informed and inspired articulation of the identity and service of your business which is provided to your customers as well as fueling your organisational growth.

Testimonials from our clients:

"Elaine managed to work in a structured but flexible way to really challenge and work closely with our staff and Directors to develop a vision, mission, purpose and set of values that resonates strongly with our staff and Directors. This helps set us on a new direction that more clearly articulates who we are and what we stand for and as importantly, who we are not."  - Stewart Christie, former CEO Advance Cairns

"Elaine assisted us to clarify our core visionary purpose and worked with us as we defined in practical terms how we would acheive it. This resulted in Management, Staff and Stakeholder alignment and in developing our Corporate Profile which is now engaged in every decision we make about our business." - Kim Kelly, former Manager, Business Enterprise Centre, Cairns

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